Manu Birding Lodge (280m) is located next to Manu National Park with the highest biodiversity of any protected area in the world. Manu Birding Lodge is a private reserve over 500 hectares with pristine Amazon rainforest. The lodge is on the Banks of the Madre de Dios River.


Manu Birding Lodge is easy to reach, at only 2 hours by boat from Boca Manu. Being outside the park has some advantages (less bureaucracy) if you travel independently because you do not need a permit. For bookings, contact  to Manu Birding Lodge or Amazon Birding.
From Lima by airplane to Puerto Maldonado then by bus and boat to Manu Birding Lodge (MBL), takes 8 hours.
From cusco by airplane to Puerto Maldonado then by bus and boat, takes 7 hours to arrive to MBL.
From Cusco by Manu road and Madre de Dios River, takes 18 hours to arrive to MBL.
From Cusco by Interoceanic road and Madre de Dios River, takes 12 hours to arrive to MBL.
From Puerto Maldonado by Madre de Dios River, takes 6 hours to arrive to MBL.


Manu Birding Lodge consists of  10 double rooms with a private toilet and shower facilities. Hot and cold water is always available and all toilets facilities are flush. 

  • Please note that all of our rooms are designed for 2 people; we do not offer triples or family-style accommodations. 
  • The MBL is a 20 bed lodge with a private bathrooms with hot and cold showers.
  • Note: All our beds are equipped with mosquito nets.
  • Accommodation will be by prior confirmed and prepaid reservation; there are no special rates or services for children. All of the MBL trails and facilities are of course available to MBL guests. 
  • Many of the birds here are rare, endangered, or very difficult to see elsewhere.
  • Enjoy relaxing and absorbing the fabulous views from the lodge area, or hiking our trails to experience the natural beauty and the immense variety of the area's flora and fauna. We have some amazing butterflies, and photography is a delight.

Visitors have the satisfaction of knowing that their stay with us will help preserve the rainforest in a very real way.

Manu Birding Lodge

You'll have a wonderful experience at MBL, and you'll thoroughly enjoy your stay with us. MBL is the perfect destination for anyone seeking great birds and the tranquility of the rainforest in Peru.
If you might want to use playback if you come without a guide. Services of a local or a professional birding guide may be available, but are not included in our rates. If interested, please inquire when you make your reservation.
We visit one 42-meter canopy tower, Tapir Clay Lick, Macaw Clay Lick, Hummingbird garden and two oxbow lakes frequented by Giant Otters.

Manu Birding Lodge Trails

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